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Rosiane Santos

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Updated: Feb 26, 2019  

Falmouth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Victim of a cap may sound bizarre but modern America is never in lack of libtardism drama. This one by illegal Immigrant Rosiane Santos who attacked a man wearing the MAGA (Make America Great Again) cap, then proclaimed herself the victim. Can't blame intoxication!

February 15, 2019. At a Mexican Restaurant. While we were still wrapping our minds around the other celebrity MAGA fictimhood (false victimhood) here, Rosiane Santos (AKA Rosie Desir) unleashed verbal attacks on a young male stranger wearing the red make America Great Again (MAGA) cap and minding his own business. The man probably guessed the situation could escalate so he started filming on his cellphone. Rightly so, Rosiane Santos who is almost twice the man's age suddenly knocked the cap off the man's head. The man, supposedly driven by the so-called Toxic Masculinity, calmly picked up the cap and wore it back without retaliating to the aggressive illegal immigrant. But that gentlemanly reaction from the man she assaulted wasn't enough drama for the fictim (false victim) so she crept up behind him physically pulling the cap off his head again while touching him inappropriately.

The bartender noticed the escalating encounter like everyone else, and nicely asked Rosiane Santos, the aggressor, to leave the premises but she refused. And so he called 911.

When police arrived, Rosiane Santos reportedly told the officers that the man should not be allowed to eat at a Mexican restaurant because of his support for "Make America Great Again". As police escorted the fictim out of the restaurant, she allegedly took another swing at the innocent man. She was charged with disorderly conduct, assault, and battery.

February 20, 2019. Falmouth District Court. 41-year-old Rosiane Santos, a Brazilian immigrant who overstayed her tourist visa by decades, pleaded not guilty to all charges levied against her. She was released on a Personal Recognizance bond to appear again a month later.

After the restaurant incident, Boston 25 got Rosiane Santos on phone to hear her side of the story. The fictim who admitted having had "a little to drink", reportedly said she was provoked. "He's not a victim, I am the victim,", she said. "I have been bullied, Ok?", she added. Bleugh!

It is not clear if she will face any real consequences with the potential to deter her from assaulting other men randomly. But you can bet the country which is the largest sponsor of "Women Empowerment" around the world, is the same one in which females are often rather encouraged to assault men with impunity. Not too long ago we saw that here

- Update -

February 26, 2019. Officers with ICE’s Fugitive Operations Team arrested Rosiane Santos for living in the U.S. illegally for 25 years. She is currently being processed by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement department and likely facing deportation as "removal proceedings" are reported to have begun. Stay tuned for updates

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