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Lucinda Carol Camaso

Suggested by Latoya Thea

Added: Feb 26, 2019  

Paris, Henry County, Tennessee. One more vindictive wife seeks to use police as thugs to destroy husband, by falsely reporting assaults of sorts and gun threats against herself. But Mr. Husband saves himself with solid alibi while Mrs. Wife (the fake victim) goes to jail. Karma matters!

January 2019. fictim Lucinda Carol Camaso (AKA Lucinda Hardin, AKA Lucinda Owsley) called 911 and complained that her husband had assaulted her and pointed a gun at her head. When responding officers arrived at her home, she furnished them with graphic details claiming that when she got home her husband was waiting to take her to a grocery store. On the way to the store, she alleged, her husband stopped the car and got into an altercation with her, punched her, then continued driving. When the couple arrived home, her husband pulled a gun to her head and ordered her out of the car, according to her complaint.

Following the report, Officers reached out to Mr. Husband who disputed Lucinda's account with evidence to support he was out of town at the time of the alleged incident. Police later verified that Mr. Husband was indeed outside of Henry County at the time of the fabricated incident.

Officers then did a follow-up interview with the fictim (false victim). This time, her story began to fall-apart, repeatedly deviating from her original account of the incident. Eventually, Lucinda Camaso confessed that the incident did not happen, adding that she had concocted the story to punish the innocent man.

February 26, 2019. 35-year-old Lucinda Carol Camaso, having been charged with felony filing false reports, was arrested and booked at the Henry County jail with her bond set at $5,000. She is scheduled to appear in court on the last day of the month.

We see this happen every day. We see men sent to jail by the word of their wives. Imagine in this case if Mr. Husband did not have an alibi to prove he was outside the city at the time of the alleged crime? Even if he was innocent, if he was in the city let alone at home, this whole thing could have turned out differently / bad for him. Therefore, by our "indiscriminatory laws", a man's innocence is based mostly on luck and coincidence which is not easy to come by.

Meanwhile, mainstream media continues to encourage more liars to "come forward". Watch this space.

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