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Ashley Marez

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Bloomington, McLean County, Illinois. Fake victim of domestic violence calls 911 falsely claiming there was shooting. Police heed her distress, come in quick and hard just to discover they have been played. No victim

February 24, 2019. Police Officers and Firemen responded to 800 block of East Jefferson late in the morning from where Ashley Marez had reported that "someone had been shot in the head" during a domestic disturbance. But there was no victim to be found.

Actually the fictim lied to get the authorities there quicker, and for what? to get someone else in trouble. But it was only she herself affected by her prank.

February 24, 2019. 25 year-old Ashley Marez was arrested and charged with Class 4 Felony false reporting. Her total bond was set at $1,035.

February 25, 2019. It is reported that Ashley Marez did not show up for her arraignment in court. No official reason(s) why she was not brought to court from jail. However this fictim is not a stranger to violence and trouble. In fact, during this latest arrest she was already on probation for aggravated battery of a peace officer. In 2014, she was charged with a criminal damage to government property, to which she pleaded guilty.

This fictim is due back in court for a bond negotiation hearing on March 01 and hearing on the charges on Womens Day, 2019. She seems to be in need of a different kind of help.

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