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Trumbull, Fairfield County, Connecticuit. Habitual fictim coaxes ignorant friend into falsely alleging she had been sexually assaulted by an innocent man, then smiles about it in court.

August 20, 2018. Officers responded to a report of sexual assault in Trumbull Mall. When the authorities arrived, Tatyana Gable told them that her friend here had been sexually assaulted in the parking lot. She claimed that she and the allegedly assaulted friend here chatted online with a man who agreed to meet them at the parking lot. After that happened, Tatyana alleged, the man assaulted the other female in a car.

Following the report, the two females were taken to St. Vincent’s Medical Center where the alleged victim was medically examined for signs of a sexual assault. The accused man was contacted by police but he rightly denied the allegations. However, much later when the alleged victim here had a chance alone with officers, she confessed that the alleged sexual assault did not happen. She claimed Tatyana Gable convinced her to go along with the fabricated claim.

According to Trumbull police, they received word from Meriden police advising them that Tatyana Gable was being investigated for making not one, not two, but three false sex assault claims to the Meriden Police Department.

Trumbull Police Department said they also reached out to Tatyana Gable’s mother, who told them that the fictim has a sustained habit of making up false allegations of abuse. "She tried to get people in trouble,” the fictim's mother said. Verily! Tatyana recently shared news of her parents arrest for child abuse in 2012, for allegations which were seemingly corroborated by the fictim herself. In 2014, a Silver Alert for Tatyana Gable was issued by New London police, calling her an “endangered runaway.” In 2017, the exact same alert was issued for Tatyana by Waterford Police. However, she was considered a minor back then so many of her fictimhood and hoaxes were allowed to slip. But not this time.

February 28, 2019. For false sexual assault allegations in New Haven, North Haven, East Haven, Southington, Middletown and Meriden; Trumbull police arrested 18 year-old Tatyana Gable and charged her with interfering with police and second-degree making a false statement. Her bond was set at $7,500.

It is reported that during her arraignment, Tatyana Gable took the dock smiling at the Superior Court Judge. If you want to know what natural female instincts subconsciously conceive about the so-called "sexual assault", there you have it. Apparently the woman does not take it as seriously as the government does. They're simply forced to, in the authority's sustained efforts to eventually outlaw heterosexuality. Don't let them rob you of your commonsense. The fact is there are more liars in this world than victims

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