Tiffany Shatela Divers

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Goldsboro, Wayne County, North Carolina. Cry-rape specialist Tiffany Divers reports four fake victims of sexual assault, to get an innocent man in trouble. Luckily for society in this case, she's rather the one in trouble.

January 25, 2019. Pussypass enabled falarmist (false alarmist) Tiffany Shatela Divers takes to the authorities and reports not one, not two, not three, but four fake juvenile victims of sexual assault while falsely naming a male suspect known to her.

As one would expect, special attention was given to the case, with Goldsboro Police Department delicately investigating for five weeks after which the report was determined to be false. No official motive provided for using police against an innocent citizen, but you can make your own wild guess. It happens everyday.

February 28, 2019. An arrest warrant was issued for 34 year-old empowered falarmist Tiffany Shatela Divers. She was arrested with the assistance of Kinston Police and charged with Filing a False Report to Law Enforcement with child victims. Her secured bond was set at $10,000 and she was arraigned for hearing on March 04, 2019.

The journey from "victim" / alarmist to felon is always an interesting one :) check back for more on this fictim.
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