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Wyandotte, Wayne County, Michigan. Feigned victimhood fed to the authorities, and then to reporters about a black cop impersonator who conducted a phoney traffic stop on her. Faith Gentry delivered the hoax while retaining calm facial expressions and could have easily passed a polygraph test on this one

February 28, 2019. Fictim Faith Kathleen Gentry accompanied and supported by her racist mother, Dawn Gentry, falsely informed police and FOX2 that she was pulled over on Fort Street near Eureka Road by a black man who claimed to be a Wyandotte cop. "He did have like a badge on his shoulder and he did have like the button-up and the belt,..."., Faith Gentry said. "But the only thing on his belt was his gun.", she added, while claiming that the man asked her for license, registration and insurance papers.

During the encounter, she alleges, the fake cop took her license back to his black Ford Fusion, and returned a moment later telling Faith Gentry that his computer had malfunctioned and therefore she would be getting a ticket in her mailbox for her blinker being out and her license plate being unlit.

Following the report, Wyandotte Police Department having no black cop(s) initially put word out looking for a suspected cop impersonator as described by Faith Gentry: a 6ft African-American thin build with scruffy facial hair. But as Wyandotte and Southgate police began investigating the hoax, it was quickly revealed that the fictim's story did not match the facts. Investigators found "no evidence" to substantiate the fictim's allegation and so they reached out to her in a follow-up interview. This time the fictim owned up to her lies.

March 03, 2019. fictim Faith Gentry confessed that the incident she earlier reported never happened. It was a hoax.

March 04, 2019. An arrest warrant was approved for fictim Faith Kathleen Gentry, from Southgate, for filing a false police report. The fictim turned herself in and is expected to be arraigned in 28th District Court in Southgate on the following day.

March 05, 2019. fictim Faith Kathleen Gentry was arraigned, charged with filing a false report. Her personal recognizance bond was set at $25,000 as she stood silent refusing to plead either guilty or not guilty, which is most likely to be interpreted by a judge as a NOT GUILTY plea. A pretrial hearing is scheduled for March 08, 2019. That's International Woman's Day. If you're thinking what I'm thinking then this liar is almost off the hook.

- Update -

March 08, 2019. By the advice of her attorney, 17-year-old Faith Kathleen Gentry pleaded guilty to one count of filing a false police report. The Southgate Anderson High School senior requested probation in lieu of jail time and she got it. The judge accepted the plea and referred racist hoaxer Faith Gentry to the probation office for recommendation.

No official motive was provided for her hoax, but we know this fictim was raised by a racist mother Dawn Gentry who seems to think raising alarms against African American people is her birthright. Like Mother, Like Daughter!. 9 days before the great fabrication, the hoaxer Faith Gentry had posted a word of advice to her fellow teens

And for people who try to create reason for something so unreasonable by asking "why would anyone do something like that?", if the answer "because humans lie" is not sufficient then we have a small list of possibilities

Faith's other posts on Facebook suggest she is/was in a relationship which is currently on troubled waters. The hoax may have simply been:
1. Staged to see if her male / ex-male still cares.
2. Feigned to get some desperately desired attention / social approval.
3. Fabricated as a distraction from where she went and what she actually engaged in, that night. OR
4. Concocted as an excuse for running late: you could always make up a victimhood story in our "#BelieveTheVictim" / "#BelieveTheWoman" society to account for lost time. Example here.

I personally would skip #1, #2 and go between #3, #4 as this particular female teen graciously reserved her dignity on sexual assault fantasies, and also did not claim any form of violence against herself. Still though, this was too simple for her and FOX 2, but difficult for the rest of us who choose to remain in reality.

Viral hoaxes apart, this one went beyond a mere prank. We all know, teen fibsters are a fabric of our freedom-stricken society - "spare the rod and...". But an increase in publicity of their hoaxes by charlatan / unethical reporters indicate that our next generation will be living a lie worse than our current state-sponsored victimology illusions. So much for normalized insanity. Not to mention the racism twist in context here-in, like we saw here and here and here... Now, that's a worrying trend to say the least. Hold that thought, choose commonsense, expose and shame bullshit because there are more liars in this world than victims.

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