Alejandro Luis Dewelde

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Plantation Key, Monroe County, Florida. Striptease fantasy ends up installing illusions of armed robbery in man's intoxicated thoughts. Story of man vs strippers almost never ends well, but this one has an awkward twist.

February 16, 2019. Early hours of the morning. Alejandro Luis Dewelde supposedly had a good time in a strip-club, then decided to take the fun back to his houseboat for “fresh fish,”. The fictim opted for one but rather got two strippers as takeaway :) The fisher the better! And so the fun began: Strip for strip, dance for dance, sex for sex? We have no idea what happened in there, but someone had itchy fingers for 911 and it wasn't the exotic dancers.

An intoxicated Alejandro Dewelde called the cops and claimed in several accounts of his fictimhood that he was robbed by the strippers. In one account he said he was having sex with one of the strippers who suddenly pulled a glock to his head while the other swiped $2,500 and a Rolex watch from his floating abode. In another account he claimed the female stole $3,000 and ran away and he chased after her briefly before calling 911 and reporting the incident.

On the other hand, the females when independently interviewed by police gave similar accounts of what happened, claiming they neither had sex with Alejandro Dewelde nor stole from him. They also denied having a gun, revealing that a second man joined them at the houseboat. According to the strippers, they left about 30 minutes after they arrived, due to Alejandro's behaviour, being increasingly “aggressive” and “upset” while searching through his drawers.

A brief inquiry by police officers and checking Security footage determined the strippers' account of the incident was most accurate as was corroborated by evidence. Presented with the discrepancies in his version of what happened, Alejandro Dewelde admitted he was intoxicated at the time of the report and that what he believed to have been a handgun was possibly a hand-phone. When asked what he thinks happened to his money, the fictim said he wasn’t all that sure, according to Monroe County Sheriff's Office. Well, you should have thought about that before taking strange female hustlers back to your abode. This fictim could have lost more than just his money.

March 01, 2019. 58 year-old Alejandro Luis Dewelde was arrested and charged with filing a false police report. He was booked into the Plantation Key Detention Center and released on the same day pending arraignment scheduled for March 13, 2019.

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