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Elaine Anne Gilhespy

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Mandurah, Australia. Sex slavery fantasies are not rare in women, though, taking such fantasies to Emergency Services is a stretch to think of. But not for Elaine Gilhespy who called 7 times falsely declaring herself market worthy for sex trafficking. In other words, a "victim".

January 20, 2019. With nothing better to do, 55-year-old Elaine Anne Gilhespy decided that making hoax calls from a SIM-free phone was the best way to ease her sex-lacking boredom. And so she began playing a prank on Emergency Services speaking in Cantonese and English claiming she was being held against her will in an undisclosed location, and that she and a dozen other females including a 14-year-old were victims of an Asian prostitution ring.

As we know, the Aussie Authorities' speedy and heavy-handedness in response to sex-related "offenses" is second only to our handling of terrorism reports. And so Elaine Gilhespy's seven calls which were made in intervals of hours stretching to the next night, prompted a state-wide search and an intensive investigation involving multiple agencies like the AFP (Australian Federal Police), Mandurah Local Police, Water Police, and Customs. The 15 day-long effort by the authorities cost tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars. Eventually, the investigation outcome suggested there was no such Sex ring, however detectives managed to trace the hoax call to the fictim (false victim).

Elaine Anne Gilhespy herself later confessed that her reported sex victimhood was a fabrication. She made the perfect pussypass excuses for playing a prank on the nation - that she was in a lot of pain and on medication at the time, and that her father recently passed away due to cancer-related complications blah blah!. We all have similarly bad experiences and even worse. but we don't pick up the phone and call emergency services, lie to them and divert their resources from the person(s) who need them the most.

March 12, 2019. Mandurah Magistrates Court. 55-year-old Elaine Anne Gilhespy, from Ravenswood, was found guilty on one count of creating false belief and sentenced to a 12-month community-based order, which is equivalent to probation and community service in the US. Another slap on the wrist.

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