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Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee. Jealous inamorata sets up her male for a consensual fetish and then reports fake kidnap, torture and pee assaults of sorts. And because she did smell like pee, femicentric police felt they had sufficient "probable cause" to #BelieveTheWoman and arrest the man. Goes to show you the level of IQ our law-enforcement operates by. We saw a similar case here recently

January 17, 2019. Vindictive from not being treated like the all-knowing one and only princess, Kristen Taylor Pollis came forward, as Uncle Sam would have it, and accused a named man of victimizing her. She detailed that the man broke into her apartment in the early hours of the morning, woke her up, yelled at her, physically assaulted her before abducting her from the apartment. She claimed the man took her to another home in a named address where he continued to hold her against her will while physically assaulting and urinating on her.

Kristen Pollis further alleged that the accused male suffocated her with pillows, tried to rip her jaws apart, choked her, and threw her down the stairs repeatedly, and at one point used a box cutter to carve an upside-down cross on his own chest. Kristen claimed that she ran to a neighbor's house banging on the door for help, but the alleged male perpetrator caught her and carried her back inside the home. Eventually, though, she managed to escape after her captor had "passed out drunk," according to court documents.

Following the report, rather than find more pieces of evidence, police assumed the position of their K9s and went by their noses. The female smelled like urine, they said, and so the officers concluded there was probable cause. Consequently, the accused man was arrested and charged with kidnapping, aggravated domestic assault, and aggravated burglary. He was booked in Hamilton County Jail on a whopping $150,000 bond. Sounds familiar? if not, see this case here.

However, as the investigation went deeper, so were the inconsistencies in Kristen Pollis' story. Police found no injuries on the accused consistent with the allegation of him having carved an upside-down cross on his chest. The neighbor whose door the fictim claimed to have banged on, said he was home during the entire time of the alleged incident but heard no one screaming nor door-banging. Detectives obtained Kristen's medical report for January 19 indicating just one injury which does not corroborate her claims of having been tortured.

Finally, detectives reviewed Instagram messages between Kristen Pollis and the man she accused. Some of the messages suggest the two lovers discussed getting fetish with sexual urination, and the fictim showed a strong interest in "trying it out." Additionally, 4 days before the falsely reported kidnapping, Kristen Pollis had threatened the man through social media due to jealousy and anger of him having sexual relationships with other women.

"I'M F**KING UR WHOLE WORLD UP TODAY,", she wrote, adding: "You're not going to hurt me without being burned again sorry.", Kristen wrote, "again" presumably refers to a 2017 incident in which Kristen Pollis made a false domestic assault report against the same man.

In the early morning hours of the day of the alleged incident, the fictim also texted the accused, inviting him over to her apartment. A request to which the accused responded positively and complied accordingly, with no idea he was walking into a trap.

With all the facts gathered, police were confident to declare the kidnapping and torture a false report and a warrant was approved for the arrest of the fictim.

March 20, 2019. 22-year-old Kristen Taylor Pollis was arrested and charged with Falsely Reporting a crime. Her bond was set at $2,000; ten percent of which she posted the same day and remained free. Meanwhile, after having spent two months in jail, the accused man's bond was reduced from $150,000 to $750. He is expected to be out soon.

NewsChannel 9 asked the attorney of the accused man for comment and he responded with the old proverb: "A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can put its boots on." This is, unfortunately, the adage our society has refused to reflect on when it comes to criminal accusations made by women against men.

Let it come as no surprise that Kristen Pollis is an experienced arrestee. On May 17th, 2016, she was arrested for DUI and property damage. On June 6th of the previous year, 2015, she was arrested for underage drinking and public intoxication. As someone so regularly wasted and up to no good, police still had to take them so seriously that someone had to be thrown in the slammer just because they wished so. Good luck with that

-- Update --

October 01, 2019. Hamilton County Sheriff's deputies once again arrested Kristen Pollis and this time charged her with Aggravated Perjury, a term which you rarely hear except when dealing with a perpetual liar who has given multiple false statements to investigators and/or to court. All charges against the falsely accused man have finally been dropped.

Moral lesson: If you look like a blond chick, police are likely to #StartByBelieving the shit out of you until you've told them a few hundred lies, wasted more than enough of their time and thousands of taxpayer dollars. And oh! sending an innocent man to prison while at it, doesn't even count. For men, it's a jungle out there folks. Watch this space!

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