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Scott Ritter

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Added: Aug 4, 2018  

Valencia, Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County, California. Looking to get ex-wife's attention, man calls 911 to falsely report hit and run by his former partner.

August 04, 2018. fictim Scott Ritter called 911 and told the operator that his ex-wife had hit him with her car. Following the report, emergency services were dispatched to his location. Upon arrival and further investigation, deputies discovered that the falarmist had not been hit by his ex-wife’s car. In fact he orchestrated his ordeal for attention and to get back at his ex.

August 04, 2018. 48 year-old Scott Ritter was arrested and charged with misdemeanor reporting a false emergency. His bail was set at $45,000. He managed to bond out about eight hours after his arrest.

It is not reported if the fictim sustained any injuries in his great act. But we have seen a spike in similar false reports against ex-spouses.

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