Andrea Flowers

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Sioux Falls, Minnehaha County, South Dakota. Addict dyke with runaway wife decides to make a false drowning report about the wife. In proxy fictimhood of epic proportions, the wet lesbo had it well played to the #BelieveTheAlarmist tune of emergency responders. If you don't get it, then the good news is you're perfectly normal.

March 20, 2019. Falls Park becomes False Park. Like a mermaid initiation tale, Andrea Flowers reported that her wife had jumped into the river and that she followed in efforts to rescue her, in vain. Following the alarm, Water rescue teams and paramedics arrived at the scene and began searching the river and riverbank with spotlights, focusing their efforts around the northern section of the Falls Park Drive bridge. But there was no one found in the area.

During the effort sustained by the seeming credibility of a wet dyke, officers eventually determined that her presumed drowning significant half was actually in Texas. Furthermore, detectives made contact with the alleged victim who seemed to be doing just fine. The search was called-off, time to turn the focus back on the wet falarmist.

In new efforts to arrest Andrea Flowers for making a false report, police found narcotics paraphernalia on her which tested positive for meth.

March 21, 2019. 30-year-old Andrea Flowers of Sioux Falls was arraigned in court charged with making a false report and possession of controlled substance. The judge set her bond at $5,000.

Why did she make the false alarm? We don't know. But what we can tell you is that freedom freaks, liars and methheads see and hear things. And they're found all over this country. Meanwhile, Uncle Sam and his mainstream cronies will continue to tell you that's not the problem. Don't care for their answer if you ask them what is.
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