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Suany Rodriguez-Romero

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Wyoming, Kent County, Michigan. Young mom Suany Romero falsely reported abduction of her child by her mother (the child's grand mother). The hand of the law falls perhaps too heavily on the young mom for lying, ends her up in jail on felonies.

No wonder some non-western traditions keep family matters away from state legal system. They seem to understand that Uncle Sam could never get it right.

February 2019. fictim Suany Rodriguez-Romero, whose name is popularly but wrongly written by the media as "Sauny Rodriguez-Romero", reported to police that her mother had abducted her 5 year-old daughter and could possibly be heading out of the country. An investigation was launched but no Amber Alert was activated for the child. Police initially said they had information which corroborated the fictim's account, and police believed the grandmother and the child may be headed to Honduras, her native homeland. However, further investigation lead police to find both the grannie and child safe and sound in Maryland. It was a false alarm.

March 07, 2019. 20 year-old Suany Rodriguez-Romero was arrested for lying to police.

March 08, 2019. fictim Suany Rodriguez-Romero was arraigned on two felony counts of false report of a child abduction and lying to a peace officer during a criminal investigation. Her bond was set at $5,000 cash or surety. She remained in the Kent County jail until...

March 20, 2019. Suany Rodriguez-Romero was brought from jail to a District Court for a probable cause conference which lasted only a few minutes. Her attorney said "My client wants nothing more but to remain in this country", which suggests the prosecutor could have opted to refer the fictim to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) for processing. Suany's bond remains at $5,000 PR.

This case highlights racial bias in this country. Michigan is one of the leading states in falsely reported crimes. Hundreds of false reports on a daily basis. However, if you're a Caucasian female liar, the chances are you're likely to get off the hook easily, paying no more than $1000 for wasting police time. If you're as young as 20, even better for you. And if you happened to have had a child when you were 15 years old, the chances are you'll be considered an infinite victim and therefore eligible to waste taxpayer resources, get off the hook without paying anything. And if you were arraigned on the International Women's Day then more automatic favours would likely land you in utmost leniency. This is not a rule written anywhere but we know from our coverage of false reporting cases in MI. See a few here.

Suany qualifies for many of the criteria to get off the hook for lying, wasting police time and taxpayer money, except for NOT being white. Other reason why leniency seems unreachable are that Suany's lies could have gotten a woman (rather than a man) in trouble, and lack of funds to afford a good lawyer to trash the case. Sad what factors determine justice in this country.

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