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East Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut. You heard of spitting cobras in the bushes of Africa. Now meet the spitting racist in the heart of an American town. Amazingly it's not classified as a reptile. In fact, it's a human being named Corinne Terrone who hardly ran out of venom in her epic invective spree. Her kids would watch and learn nothing but how to become a SuperBitch. #ShopRiteCorinne #SpittingRacist

March 15, 2019. Racist or feminist? hearing-things-mom teaches kids how it works to be both. Seriously though! It all started as a peaceful shopping night at a chain-store. Suddenly, someone became louder than everyone else as Corinne Magoveny-Terrone (AKA Corinne Mago-Terrone) offloaded racial slurs on an African-American man. She went: "Don’t you dare talk to me in front of my kids like that you ni*ger." It is unclear what comment she was initially responding to, but the surprised African-American man reportedly returned fire: "are you talking to me, bi*ch?" From that moment is was on. Vituperation in the lines of "Ni*ger", "Motherf*cker" were not in short supply, not from Corinne Terrone. The African-American women who were with the African-American man on the receiving end of the expletives physically restrained the attacked and visibly upset man from going closer to the spitting racist, and so the man rather filmed the rest of the showdown from a not-so-safe distance while Testosterone-stricken Terrone kept coming within a few feet range to spit at her victim(s), repeatedly.

As if that wasn't enough trouble, spitting racist Corinne Mago-Terrone took to 911 reporting that she only turned around to her daughters and said "oh, Jesus Christ" (no context provided for why she made the exclamation, but presumably to what the African American man was doing). Then the man "in his little scooter", said 'are you talking to me, bi*ch?' And I said 'no ni*ger, I'm not'.", said Corinne to the 911 operator. She continued that the man was with “two fat black bi*ches which I won’t call ni*gers because they weren’t behaving like ni*gers""somebody better do something the f*ck now” ,.. "I want an East Haven cop at my f*cking house and I want an East Haven cop arresting that motherf*cker for breach of peace, now", ranted the fictim.

Corinne Terrone provided her home address but the 911 dispatcher said he couldn't honor her request because the address was outside the Police Department’s jurisdiction. “Of course, you can’t,” Corinne toned down to mild sarcasm against the operator. “Then tell me what’s going to be done to arrest the ni*ger who assaulted me verbally?”, “I want a fucking cop doing something now. I don’t want any excuses,” she yelled. In a persistently interrupted response, the dispatcher calmly suggested her options that she could either meet an officer in town or she could come into the East Haven Police Department and file a report, as the store is within the PD's jurisdiction. She was apparently unhappy with the options. “Are you fuc*ing kidding me?" She exploded. "You think I know that ni*ger’s name?", "That’s all he is to me. A fuc*ing ni*ger", ranted Corinne while insisting the African-American man be arrested. "I don't want any f*cking excuses"...

While putting the 911 dispatcher through a very difficult politically incorrect language session, testosterone-stricken Terrone agreed to meet an East Haven PD Officer in the chain-store parking lot but insisted that the officer be Caucasian. “Is it someone who’s not going to be racially biased? Is it going to be a white person because I am not dealing with a sp*c or a ni*ger because I am way beyond that point.”, said Corinne. In order to attend to her proclaimed victimhood, the dispatcher needed to know how to locate her, so he asked what kind of car she drove but Corinne responded: "That's none of your business". The dispatcher explained that the dispatched officer would need to be able to locate her, but Corinne said she was going into the chain-store. "Do not do that", said the dispatcher. “Oh, but I am.”, she responded. “Oh, but you’re not.”, he replied. It is unclear what exactly happened after the almost 7 minute call. But the next day...

March 16, 2018. Video of the incident went viral on social media, with thousands of shares and tens of thousands of comments most of which criticized Corinne Magoveny-Terrone's behaviour. The viral video prompted a secondary response from East Haven Police Department, with an officer visiting the chain-store to investigate. See his report below.

It is reported that some police officers also showed up at Corinne Terrone's house to question her on the incident but she yelled from inside: "Get off my property" multiple times. An ambulance also arrived at her house and the fictim was eventually taken in for "involuntary mental evaluation". Meanwhile, the Hamden School District for which Corinne Magoveny-Terrone worked, reacted to the incident by accepting her resignation.

Hamden Mayor also released a statement later on the same day describing what he saw on the video as "vile and shocking".

"While I am disgusted and disheartened seeing such hateful behavior, wildly unacceptable anywhere, I am thankful for the swift and effective actions taken by our school system to address this head on and make clear that hate and violence will not be tolerated.”, said the mayor.

Testosterone-stricken Terrone, the spitting racist, has since had no charges filed against her because, according to police, the victim(s) have not come-forward. Police usually file charges on behalf of victims for evident crimes or mere allegations of crime. But in this case, as we have it, racism is not a crime so Corinne Magoveny-Terrone is not a criminal. Hold that thought!
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