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Updated: Sep 8, 2017  

New York, Nassau County, New York. Attention-hungry teen misguided by the abundance of hateful donkey rhetoric, takes to the authorities and the media, with fabricated anti-muslim attack on herself in a train. Her story soon fell apart

Amidst a stream of libtardism-induced bitterness targeted at the new President-Elect for not being one loyal to deep-blue causes, one insignificant teen was about to make things worse by becoming significant in her Hijab hoax debut. As if mainstream media was not doing good enough a job of dividing the country in addition to portraying the president-elect as the worst racist dictator who ever came that close to 'succeeding a throne', Yasmin Seweid came forward with her own brand of accelerant to keep the hate flames burning in drama-stricken America.

December 01, 2016. At night. On her way home from Baruch College, "Three drunken white men", she alleged, cornered her in a subway train while yelling "Donald Trump". Yasmin Seweid claimed to have been the target of their persistent taunting: “Oh look, a f*cking terrorist, Get the hell out of the country!”, they allegedly yelled. Yasmin said she tried to ignore them but that things only got worse and physical. The hateful men allegedly grabbed on her bag strap and snapped it in the process, then they tried to rip off her Hijab from her head saying "Take that rag off your head". She also told The New York Daily News reporter on December 03, 2016 that while all this was happening, no one on the commuter-packed subway train carriage did anything about it. Red flag!

A claim of passive commuters dormant while a woman is in distress would have been the last red flag in Yasmin's story. That never happens in any gynocentric western society let alone in deep-blue New York. However, the media's job is to absorb whatever is thrown at them, whatever sells. Besides, there is the other excuse that it's neither their job to investigate nor use commonsense. Consequences? Yasmin Seweid’s fib caught national attention and also went viral on social media by a post in which she called her alleged attackers "disgusting pigs" and blamed the commuting witnesses for not helping her. “It breaks my heart that so many individuals chose to be bystanders while watching me get harassed verbally and physically", she wrote.

The next day, a drove of New Yorkers turned up at Grand Central Terminal in midtown Manhattan in solidarity with the fictim, carrying signs that read “WE ARE ALL ONE”, “Fight Hate”, “WE STAND WITH OUR MUSLIM SISTERS”, etc. The donkey on the left was more than willing to give the fictim a platform to amplify her anti-Trump hoax just like many others before her. Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey jnr jumped on the incident tweeting “I stand in solidarity w/ Yasmin Seweid & all American Muslims following this hateful act”. Meanwhile officers from the NYPD (New York Police Department) and Nassau County police were busy investigating the allegation - reviewing security footage of the train area, interviewing potential witnesses. But there was nothing suggesting any truth to Yasmin Seweid’s claims. However, when police first reached out to her with the fact that her story did not add up, she stuck to her hate crime victimhood claims. Even as her story began to crumble under its own bogusness, the hate crime fantasist was determined to not be undone by facts and truth. She clung on to her hoax-earned fame for attention sake, typical of deep blue insanity.

December 07, 2016. Under the pressure of her story continuing to fall apart in national spotlight, with no witness to corroborate her claims, Yasmin Seweid disappeared giving police extra work trying to find her. The media also reported her missing. Three days later she suddenly re-emerged saying she was in a relative's house. Police gave her another chance to come clean but she stuck to her hoax. That feeling when you cannot just vanish from all the mess you created. That, could be anyone's guess, was catching up with her.

Almost two weeks after the reported incident, Yasmin Seweid was re-interviewed by police and confronted with facts backed up by evidence which wholly invalidated her claims. This time she reportedly cracked and confessed that the reported assault on her never happened. What actually happened is that she had been drinking on the night of the fabricated incident, she needed something to divert her father's attention from her immoral deeds, and so she claimed victimhood to garner sympathy rather than her father's fury. Well, thank you for wasting everyone's time, and ears.

December 14, 2016. 18 year-old Yasmin Seweid was arrested by Nassau County Police on misdemeanor charges of filing a false report and obstructing government administration. Her father was asked for comment by DNAinfo and he reportedly said: “You try to raise your children as best you can,”. “She’s a bright, good girl. She’s young and maybe she was foolish here.” “Young kids, you don’t understand their mentality.” Oh but we do! let's just say they're too early dragged into political garbage these days. Otherwise she would have found a smaller lie to tell us.

- Update -

September 08, 2017. fictim Yasmin Seweid pleaded guilty to falsely reporting an incident and disorderly conduct. Having accepted a plea deal she was referred to six months of counseling and three days of community service, which, if she successfully completes, she will not have to face any other charges. Her apology letter tendered in court read: "I was stupid, I plan to continue to find ways to better myself.". Whether or not this is a honest apology to the people affected by her hoax, we do not know. But we know there is a progression of hate crime hoaxes. Not just a rise in false reports but the creativity invested in such hoaxes.

Apparently libs in fantasies to undo / redo a done democratic process just to suit their feelings, never run out of victimhood tactics. Like the other whinny SWJs Who hijacked Martin Luther King jnr's honest civil rights struggle for racial equality and economic empowerment, this fictim could have easily been the one fighting for a sexually confused identity, among other "important" things to "come-forward" about. Of course! it's a free world after all.

Though Yasmin Seweid's story fell apart within two weeks, it did the damage it was intended to: Divide Americans. Aftermaths though if nothing else, do remind us of the forgotten words of Winston Churchill :"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." Watch this space
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