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Steven Ray Bryner

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Added: Mar 18, 2019  

Ogden, Weber County, Utah. What in the hell did you smoke today? Man seemingly high on stuff of sorts calls 911 to falsely report being chased by an armed individual. As if self-fictimhood wasn't enough falarm, he proceeded to report that others around were also hostages.

March 15, 2019. Ogden Mall. Steven Ray Bryner made multiple 911 calls in which he screamed that he was being pursued by someone with a gun, and that he was being held at gunpoint along with other people in the mall. Following the repeated reporting, A team of officers moved into the area amoured up, searched around but there was no incident. Meanwhile, the fictim continued to 911 reporting the same incident over and over.

Eventually a security guard at the mall discovered an agitated Steven Bryner in a bar within the vicinity, talking to himself. "His pupils were extremely dilated and his eyes were wide,". According to court documents, he refused to talk to anyone and refused to leave the bar so he was escorted out into the mall. He denied calling 911.

The fictim reportedly resisted a procedural pat-down and had to be physically restrained from reaching for a knife. Another officer moved in to assist in arresting the fictim.

March 18, 2019. 2nd District Court. 32 year-old fictim Steven Ray Bryner was charged with emergency reporting abuse which is a second-degree felony in Utah. We are keeping an eye on this development.

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