Tanya Greiman

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Mount Holly Springs, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" But this one is different. Having lost her boyfriend to another woman, the jealous harridan decides that the best way to remain a loser is to incriminate her ex along with the other woman by false police reports of child sex trafficking.

This is not your typical Category 4 falarmist (False Alarmist) but the almost 60 year-old cry-wolf probably looked in the mirror and realized that launching her own self as a victim of sorts may not go far enough. So she decided to use the kids to play this one. Creatively Odious!

March 23, 2019. Tanya Greiman (AKA Tonya / Toni) called CYS (Children and Youth Service) and made an anonymous report that a woman was offering herself and her two juvenile daughters for sex with a maintenance man in lieu of rent payments. She provided the phone number of the man as a clue. Due to serious criminal elements in the report, CYS referred the allegations to the Mt. Holly Springs Police Department which launched an intensive investigation working on tracing the identity of the parties involved, and subjecting the juvenile girls to uncomfortable questions and intimate examinations.

As investigation progressed, police discovered that the accused man had been in a relationship with Tanya Greiman since she was about 30 years old. In fact, it is the ending of that relationship and her ex moving in with the other woman that triggered her vindictiveness, leading to her evil efforts to use smear tactics. Of course, every criminal has an excuse, who cares!. Detectives had also discovered messages on Tanya's cell phone to her ex-boyfriend which suggested her intention to ruin his life with the allegations.

In a follow-up interview in which she gave detectives quite a tough time to obtain, Tanya Greiman eventually confessed to the false reporting, saying she was "f*cking furious" and did it to "hurt the other woman and her daughters", according to police. Tanya had also hoped that by the false allegations, the other woman would lose custody of her own children.

It appears that the false reporting is not the furthest this falarmist went in attempts to destroy her ex, the other woman, and their kids. Even though police warned Tanya Greiman to not maintain contact with the reported parties, she waited at their apartment veranda every morning for the teens to come out, then yelled obscenities at them against their mother ("Your mom is a f*cking ****e"), and she also followed the kids to the bus stop, watched them get on the bus, yelled at them, placed signs on their doors referring to the other woman as expletive. She is also reported to have banged on their door yelling profanities at the other woman: "You're a fat whale, You f*cking w*ore" among other contumely.

March 28, 2019. 59 year-old falarmist Tanya Greiman was arrested and charged with felony interfering with the custody of a child, harassment and stalking. She was booked in Cumberland County Jail on $15,000 bail. #SeeYouInCourt

This is yet another case in which police decide to chase shadows and waste taxpayer resources before focusing their investigation on where it should have started: The liar. Perhaps they just enjoy making their job take longer? or courtesy of Uncle Sam and his pro-libtardism cronies who run this country, they simply will never acknowledge one simple truth: There are more liars in this world than victims.

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Odious indeed. No amount of jealousy can justify dragging the other woman's kids into this mess. For lack of a better expression, this woman is pure evil

by Latoya Thea United States
6 Months ago