Renee Lenel Wyatt

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Mountain Home, Baxter County, Arkansas. fictim Renee Lenel Wyatt falsely reported to police that a man stole her vehicle. Presumably a stranger, but it was her own brother who borrowed the vehicle.

July 15, 2018. Renee Lenel Wyatt filed a police report claiming a man had taken her vehicle without permission. She later turned over a note to authorities she claimed the man had written, which reportedly said the man had borrowed the car and would return it at a later time, according to sources.

Police located the man, arrested him and recovered the vehicle. However, as they continued to investigate they discovered that Wyatt was fully aware the man had the vehicle in question. Authorities questioned Wyatt about her claims and she admitted knowing the man had the car. She also admitted to writing the note she claimed was written by the man, according to sources.

July 17, 2018. Mountain Home police officer went to a residence in the city on a probation compliance check. Wyatt reportedly shares the home with her live-in boyfriend, who is on felony probation. During a search of the residence, the officer reported finding drug and evidences of controlled substance use, according to sources.

August 03, 2018. Baxter County Circuit Court. 45-year-old Renee Lenel Wyatt faces charges of drug possession along with filing a false police report in two separate cases. She was released from the Baxter County jail after posting a $5,000 bond, and ordered by judge to reappear on November 15.

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