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Patrece Duncan

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Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. In an easy quest to take down ex and recover a car from him, Patrece Duncan falsely reported her kidnap-in-progress by the innocent man, leading to high-speed chase endangering public safety.

April 01, 2019. A good day to fool everyone. fictim Patrece J Duncan sent a distress message to her relative asking for cops to intervene in her on-going kidnap by her estranged boyfriend. She claimed she was being taken away in a high-speed vehicle.

Available patrol officers in the area were alerted, chased the vehicle and requested for additional assistance. Due to public safety concerns, the chase was called off within the hour. Eventually though, Patrece Duncan was found near Union Ave and Front St. She stuck to her claims that she was kidnapped and taken high-speed through downtown Memphis while giving conflicting accounts of the incident to detectives. Furthering investigation, officers interviewed other witnesses who disputed Patrece's version of events.

Armed with evidence of discrepancies in her story, officers interviewed Patrece Duncan again. This time, she confessed to having lied about the kidnap. She admitted it never happened. According to Memphis Police Department, the false report she made was allegedly an effort to recover her Silver 2005 Chrysler 300 which was being used by her estranged boyfriend. Excuses apart, the lie she told extensively endangered public safety, could have caused deaths had police not timely ended the chase.

April 01, 2019. 44 year-old Patrece Duncan was charged with filing a false police report and was transported to Shelby County Jail East Women's Facility.

It is the perfect day to fool your family but a stupid thing to waste my tax money along with it. Find the balance

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