Abbie Will

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Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom. Another habitual fictim falsely accuses a man of rape, giving police the extra job of chase shadows. As usual, leniency in the lines of community service and probation applies to liars to keep them "coming forward" and wasting resources.

December 22, 2016. Abbie Will told officers that a man knocked her over by the head, then proceeded to sexually assault and rape her. She claimed the incident happened between 6.30pm and 7.30pm, on a field near an Academy in Aberdeenshire.

Following the report, the police launched an intensive investigation lasting about seven days before discovering footage of Abbie Will walking into a store in the same area of the reported incident at 6:29pm and walking out at 7:02pm, indicating she could not have been raped within the time-frame she claimed.

CCTV footage also shows her walking toward the academy and wearing the same clothing on her way home. But the clothing was not handed in for forensic check for her alleged attacker's DNA. CCTV footage from within the Academy was checked but showed no evidence of the fictim entering the area. Police also say the fictim seemed "normal and not disheveled" within and after the time of the alleged assault.

April 01, 2019. Aberdeen Sheriff Court. Abbie Will pleaded guilty to filing a false report and admitted to wasting police time and causing taxpayer resources to be unnecessarily diverted. However the 20-year old fictim was released on bail pending the preparation of a "social work report".

Abbie Will is not new to fictimhood. In fact, she has an earlier conviction for making false emergency calls. She is also awaiting sentencing for threatening to destroy a police department and kill police officers. Watch this space.

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