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Added: Apr 2, 2019  

St. Cloud, Stearns County, Minnesota. Fast food Restaurant Manager physically subtracts money from enterprise then makes a false police report of having been robbed by a black man.

December 28, 2018. Morning. Racist fictim Stacy Lynn Rymer reported to police that she was heading for the bank from Subway with a money bag when a black man suddenly came around the corner, "knocked her to the ground" and snatched the bag from her. And then, She alleged, the man fled west of the business center on foot.

As a result of the report, a sustained investigation was launched trying to find the black perpetrator but behold detectives rather found something else.

January 03, 2019. Detectives found CCTV footage from a nearby building showing Stacy leaving Subway in her vehicle for a few minutes before returning.

January 04, 2019. Confronted with the facts, Stacy Rymer admitted that she left the parking lot, drove to a Super America and placed the allegedly robbed money bag in the back of her vehicle before returning to Subway. The bag is said to have contained around $762.

April 02, 2019. 41-year-old Stacy Lynn Rymer was charged with one count of theft and one count of falsely reporting a crime, both misdemeanor. She is likely scheduled for arraignment on May 6, 2019.

Not long ago we saw similar fictimhood also from a Chain Restaurant Manager here

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