Joshua Scott

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Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. Methhead gives away car to a "friend" in exchange for serving his addiction, then makes a false police report of having been carjacked, to get the "friend" in trouble. The law soon catches up with the fictim.

March 24, 2019. Late in the morning. Officers responded to a 911 car robbery report on the 4600 block of Elvis Presley. There, Joshua Scott, the fictim, told officers that an armed man struck him in the face and took his Nissan Sentra. Detectives launched an investigation into the report lasting over a week.

April 02, 2019. Investigators again caught up with Joshua Scott to discuss the alleged incident but this time he provided a different statement from the previous one. Detectives already equipped with facts from the investigation pointed out conflicting version of events in the fictim's statements. Officers also presented their findings which determined that the report was false.

With his story falling apart, Joshua Scott confessed that he falsely reported the carjacking to cover up the fact that he lended his car in exchange for meth.

The fictim attracted himself a charge of filing a false report. No word of whether the fictim will face additional charges for the narcotics peddling / possession.

Earlier in 2019 we saw a similar fictimhood here with someone who lended his car to a "friend", and then reported it stolen. Is this a new fictimhood trend? that's left to be seen. Be careful who lends you their car. Watch this space.
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