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Barboursville, Cabell County, West Virginia. A pro-gun racist woman picks a random male target for false reporting of attempted child abduction. She also plays hero in the process hoaxing and coaxing moms to embrace their worst false fears and get a gun.

April 01, 2019. As if it was an attempt to be the biggest April Fooler of the year, Santana Renee Adams (AKA Santana Wallace Adams) told police that a man attempted to kidnap her 5-year-old daughter inside a clothing store of Huntington mall. She garnished her April Fool Hoax with graphic details that the middle-eastern man grabbed her little girl by the hair, dropped her on the floor and tried to drag her out, but that she intervened by pulling a gun to scare the perpetrator away.

Following the report, Barboursville Police quickly arrested the accused but man near a food court within the mall, set his cash bond at $200,000, seized his passport and put his identity all over the media before anything could be verified. During investigation though, inconsistencies in Santana Adams' story began to unravel. First of all, for such a dramatic incident alleged to have happened in a public area, there were no witnesses to support Santana's claims. CCTV footage from the mall also did not corroborate her report.

As her story began to fall apart, Santana Adams toned it down to: maybe I "overreacted and misinterpreted the man's intentions", claiming that the man patted her little daughter on the head. "cultural indifference", she called it. Hysteria-serving Police rephrased the alleged head patting a "cultural misunderstanding" and indicated if that was the case they would still charge the accused man, with "battery". The only problem is, that the second claim too did not add up. The accused man who was actually in the mall to do shopping for his own daughter maintained his innocence and reiterated that he had no physical contact whatsoever with the fictim nor her daughter and that he would not even recognize them. The accused man, with no prior criminal record in the US., works as an engineer in West Virginia. His country's Embassy intervened to provide moderate consular support.

April 04, 2019. After 4 days of sustained ordeal, wVA Authorities announced they were dropping all charges against the Egyptian man. After his release, his attorney, Michelle Protzman, made a statement: "We seem to be living in a time where false accusations are more and more prevalent and I think it would be great if all of us would just step back and think before we speak, if we would think before we react, if we would think before we would judge". The attorney is also working to get the charges against him expunged. Good luck with that.

What about the April Fooler?

April 05, 2019. 24-year-old Santana Renee Adams turned herself in, charged with falsely reporting an emergency incident. She was reported to have been calm throughout her arraignment at the Cabell County Magistrate Court. A magistrate judge set her bail at $20,000 (10% of what they set for her victim, the falsely accused man). If you think that's unfair then be surprised with the bond policy that she does not need to pay more than 10% of that to stay out of jail. Meaning $2,000 keeps her out and free to randomly accuse other men. Watch this space.

This story once again highlights the danger of commonsense-defying campaigns like #(Blindly)BelieveWomen, #(Blindly)BelieveTheVictim, #StartBy(Blindly)Believing. Barboursville Police Officers were in such a mind-frame when they removed every presumption of innocence on the accused man in handling the case. Now, imagine if there was no exculpatory evidence to save the man from jail? Many more have been in similar situations with no CCTV cameras to prove their innocence. Hold that thought!

While a celebrity's hate hoax here rakes-in sympathy and national attention, the true victims of this category of crime are the ones you never heard of. To make matters worse, the law is on the side of their victimizers who are occasionally fear-mongering hoaxers with itchy fingers to dial 911 at every little twitch of racially motivated hysteria, as we have seen in this case. Now we know what being a real hate crime victim feels like, ask Mr. Smollett to kindly move the F over. Next!
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