Marguerite Maggie Wallace

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Anderson, Indiana. Dorky rape fantasist and fictim Marguerite Wallace portrays herself as a sexual assault victim after playing out her rape fantasy.

July 03, 2018. Mounds State Park. A witness to what they thought was a crime called 911 to report a sexual assault. When police intervened, a 19-Year old Marguerite Maggie Wallace falsely proceeded with reporting the assault to authorities. She told police that at 12:45 p.m while she was jogging through the park, she saw a male standing alone on the trail, acting suspicious. She said she attempted to get away from him, but he knocked her to the ground and groped her. Wallace said she fought back by punching and scratching the man in the face to get away.

After the report, a 17-year-old male came forward to police and said he met Wallace on “Whisper.” (an app for anonymous confessions of facts and fiction). ms. Wallace had posted a rape fantasy to which the male teen responded. The two of them had conversations on the app, and they arranged to meet at Mounds Park. The teen boy was smart enough to have saved screenshots of conversation with Ms Wallace and he showed it to investigators. Those screenshots corresponded with his version of the events at the park.

Investigators then conducted a follow-up interview with Marguerite Maggie Wallace who initially denied the new information, but eventually admitted to having lied the whole time.

August 06, 2018. Marguerite Maggie Wallace of Pendleton, was arrested for false informing, a class A misdemeanor. She is being held at the Madison County Detention Center with a $3,000 bond.
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