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Holly Marie Greene

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Added: Apr 10, 2019  

Johnson City, Carter County, Tennessee. Loser of argument with boyfriend goes victimish by a false report of being shot at. Don't be fooled by the name: Holly Greene, just as vindictive a liar as any other empowered harpy.

April 10, 2019. Morning. With a pistol in her hand, Holly Marie Greene flagged down a patrol vehicle on Weaver Hill Road. She told the responding deputy that steming from a verbal argument with her boyfriend, the man pulled a 9 millimeter Glock pistol and pointed it at her. Holly in her acclaimed heroism alleged she grabbed the gun and in the scuffle her boyfriend fired a single round inside the house. How does that story even add up?

Additional officers arrived the scene and interrogated the accused boyfriend but he denied the allegations. Rightly so, no evidence was found to corroborate the report that any shot had been fired inside the house.

April 10, 2019. Later in the day. Holly Marie Greene was charged with filing a false police report. No word on bail / bond. Lucky boyfriend, this fictim did not go as far as to stage the crime scene well enough before taking to the cops. Unlike like this other one here did.

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