Crystal Savage

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Watertown, Jefferson County, New York. She was savagely handled, so the Savage claims. Yet another beef with boyfriend drives vindictive girlfriend to use the Authorities as thugs against innocence. This one can be described as Crystally Savage!

March 27, 2019. fictim Crystal Savage took to the authorities, claimed that in a gym class her boyfriend grabbed her by the neck and squeezed for about two minutes while she gasped for air, and that he also punched her in the arm. Savage claimed the attack caused her neck to be sore and it hurt to swallow. She even requested a (tax-funded) protection order against Mr. Boyfriend. Granted of course.

Following the report, Crystal Savage's now estranged 18 year-old boyfriend was charged with second-degree harassment with physical contact. He was released on his own recognizance and summoned to appear in court later in April 2019.

However, the School resource female officer said the existing graphic evidence did not support Crystal Savage's account of the incident. Video footage shows Mr. Boyfriend appearing to play-touch the fictim’s neck for about three seconds, then he tapped her shoulder and her arm while the two were actually laughing together. And then they returned to playing badminton after the "incident". It was "a tap, not a punch", said the deputy on the case. But as we all know, normal heterosexual behaviour is already "outrageous" by common rhetoric and systematically outlawed in our western world.

Another investigating deputy also reported he didn’t see any bruises on her neck but only a light red mark on Crystal's shoulder which was too faint to be photographed, along with older scars. That adds up to one lying Savage.

April 12, 2019. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office charged 18 year-old Crystal E. Savage with third-degree filing a false report of an incident, a misdemeanor. She was issued an appearance ticket for the Philadelphia Town Court on April 22, the same day her Boyfriend is expected to be arraigned on the false charges.

That's as Savagely Crystal as it gets. The empowered Savage herself has nothing to worry about, as the system is already stacked up in her favour. Lying after all, is not a crime, especially if it was intended to put an innocent male away. Watch this space.
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