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Mary Elizabeth Molden

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Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas. The sleep was not so well in Sleepwell, courtesy of cry-rape fictim Mary Molden. After consensual BDSM, she decided the aftermath marijuana desire didn't go so well, and, by her wisdom the Authorities had to be involved.

End of Feb, while the nation was still gripped by the case of the great hate hoaxer here, there was no shortage of similarly categorized idiots concocting plausible/implausible stories for motive ranging from attention to retribution. Oh! They never learn.

February 24, 2019. Wichita Falls patrol officers responded to sexual assault report in Sleepwell Motel at Old Iowa Park Road. When they arrived, Mary Elizabeth Molden (AKA Elizabeth Robertson, Mary Smith) reported that a named man managed to discover her at her motel room the previous night and sexually assaulted her. She claimed that when she opened the door, the man entered the room against her will, used pillow cases to tie her up at 7:30pm, then proceeded with sexually assaulting her for the night. Mary alleged that the next day, after the man left, she managed to untie herself but that the man showed up again later and made away with her cellphone. And that's when she decided to call the cops. In a recorded statement, the fictim (false victim) gave similar account of the incident to detectives.

Detectives reached out to the accused man but he gave a different account of what happened. He also provided detectives with evidence - several text messages between Mary Molden and himself, which revealed the fictim as a liar.

February 25, 2019. Armed with new evidence, detectives did a follow-up interview with Mary Molden pointing out discrepancies in her earlier statement. This time, she confessed that the encounter with the man was consensual.

What really happened?

fictim Mary Elizabeth Molden had text-messaged the accused man on Feb. 22 inviting him to meet in her Sleepwell motel room. Together, she revealed, they went to a casino and back to her room after which they agreed to a BDSM involving tying her up. At her own pleasure, the man played it out with knotted pillow cases from the room.

According to Mary Molden, after the sexual encounter they both fell asleep with her still tied up. When she expressed discomfort, the man untied her and they both went back to sleep. The next morning (Feb 24th) the man neatly put the pillow cases back in place then woke her up before he left the motel. While the man was out, Mary Molden texted him expressing desire for some marijuana. The man allegedly came back to the motel and then left again, shortly after which Mary Molden called the cops (less then an hour after she expressed desire for marijuana). We have no clue what happened in her room when the man returned, but the fictim claims the man made away with her cellphone that's why she called 911 to falsely report sexual assault.

Hmm! why didn't she report a theft instead? sounds like there's much more to this. Would the BDSM have been in exchange for Marijuana which Mary Molden did not feel she got enough of? could there have been another deal breached between the two? We don't know.. but what we know is that you won't be easily fooled by these stories if you acknowledge one truth that there are more liars in this world than victims.

According to Mary Molden to detectives, she made the false report because she was "sick of his behavior". Which means her lies were somewhat hysterically motivated. Whatever! It took police over six weeks to arrest her, and that too is worth a ponder.

April 09, 2019. fictim Mary Elizabeth Molden was arrested and booked at the Wichita County Jail for the Class B misdemeanor of making a false report to a peace officer. The next morning she was out on a $1,500 bail.

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