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Melissa Godinez

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Gettysburg, Adams County, Pennsylvania. Scorned woman with a lengthy criminal history decides to attack her ex along with his spouse, with a false child abuse allegation. We saw very similar falarmist recently here.

May 18, 2018. After being jilted, Melissa Ann Godinez (AKA Melissa Nivell, Melissa Oshea) took to the cops reporting that her ex-husband, a state trooper, and his current wife were abusing the kids.

A lengthy police investigation determined the report to be false. In one of many interviews with Melissa Godinez, she confessed to detectives that she made the false reports out of anger.

April 15, 2019. 47 year-old Melissa A Godinez was charged with filing false reports of child abuse, which is a second-degree misdemeanor.

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