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Mount Pleasant, Charleston County, South Carolina. "I have a problem with attention," said one of the many unpleasant vindictive "women" in mt. Pleasant, seemingly quicker in crying-rape than in thinking.

Like in every city in the US, fictimhood (false victimhood) is a growing hobby in Mount Pleasant as we can see here. Particularly, intoxicated women with "cloudy" judgments will have no qualms pointing a finger at a male target and letting feminocentric law-enforcement and the bias justice system do the rest. This specific incident is courtesy of Caitlyn Sturgis, fortunately, a timely fail.

April 05, 2019. fictim Caitlyn Sturgis took to the Mount Pleasant Police Department and reported that she was "assaulted" by one suspect (female) and "sexually assaulted" by another (male) in her apartment. The female allegedly forced her to drink alcohol. And then, a male guest allegedly pinned her down and sexually assaulted her. The fictim made clear her intentions to press charges against the alleged perpetrators.

According to MPPD, Caitlyn Sturgis gave multiple accounts of the sexual assault during the initial interview, first red flag. However, investigators reached out to the accused persons and they gave different accounts of the incident.

April 12, 2019. In a follow-up interview with the fictim, she reaffirmed her claims, particularly against the male. “he hurt me” and “It was the exact same thing as when I was raped before,” Caitlyn Sturgis said. This is supposedly to MeToo herself and distract the gynocentric cops from the facts on ground. Well played, and most of the time that works. However, in the same interview Caitlyn Sturgis confessed that she could not remember any assault, sexual or otherwise, despite having reported both incidents in detail just a week ago. That's the ultimate red flag.

How did Caitlyn Sturgis explain why she reported what she does not know? according to the court affidavit, she said: “I have a problem with attention... that’s why I’m so cloudy about this and what happened.”. That should not be surprising if you learned about the other fictim here. There is always a convenient excuse to rob us of our common sense. Don't be fooled by the hysteric babbles and the junk science theories that back them up. The truth is this fictim simply filed a false report to incriminate other persons.

April 18, 2019. fictim Caitlyn Sturgis was charged with filing a false police report. No word on bail or bond. Watch this space!

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