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Tammie Taylor Brewer

Suggested by Pierre Alleur

image of Tammie Taylor Brewer
Added: Apr 26, 2019  

Booneville, Prentiss County, Mississippi. Another empowered mendacious fictim armed with a pussy and forced believability unleashes fake kidnap, rape and vandalism claims against former spouse. Fortunately, this time, police did their work before jumping to (#BelieveWomen) conclusions.

April 24, 2019. Almost midnight. fictim Tammie Taylor Brewer took to the cops and reported that at a Walmart parking lot, her ex-husband forced her into her car, drove her toward a countryside of Prentiss County, sexually assaulted her and eventually let her go but not before 'maliciously damaging her vehicle' during the altercation. The report initially made to Booneville Police was also lodged with the Prentiss County Sheriff's Office as the incident allegedly occurred within their jurisdiction.

An investigation carried out by both police departments included witness statements and surveillance video footage review which however determined that the allegations by Tammie Brewer were completely false.

April 26, 2019. 38-year-old Tammie Taylor Brewer was charged by Booneville Police Department and Prentiss County Sheriff's office, with filing false reports. No word on bond or bail.

Unlike other arrested individuals, this fictim's released mugshot is unusual with regards to her clothing, the image background and the image quality. I mean, you can't tell this criminal's height from the mugshot. It almost seems like she was never jailed but let out with a warning. Just a thought! and that's the general law enforcement approved 5-star treatment given to vindictive pussypass liars, courtesy of our tax-funds and a victim-praising society. If you think this story is strange then you probably don't know it happens every other day. See more here

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