James McDonald

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Added: Apr 29, 2019  

Lawrence Township, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. Don't rock the boat and don't wreck the car, an adage that came too late for our latest fictim. No report on what he was high on, but the false report after the tree crash was the take away from the drama.

April 27, 2019. In the morning. James McDonald called 911 to complain he did not know the whereabouts of his car. Troopers investigated just to realise that 5 hours before his call, he had crashed his vehicle into a tree and walked away from the scene. What the hell have these "people" been smoking?

James McDonald eventually confessed that he knowingly gave false information about the incident. A motive is not officially stated but we can guess it's in the lines of covering up for DWI or something insurance-related. Anyway...

April 29, 2019. 22 year-old James McDonald is now being accused of falsely reporting an incident. Watch this space

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