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Ronald Terry Sanders

Suggested by Pierre Alleur

Added: Apr 28, 2019  

Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. Man uses his long dead child to prop-up his carjacking victimhood with extra child abduction twist. For whatever it's worth.

April 28, 2019. fictim Ronald Terry Sanders called 911 reporting that he had been carjacked by three men, with his 2 year-old child in the car. Therefore, child abduction.

Officers realized that the fictim delayed reporting the incident for about an hour. During investigation though Ronald Sanders allegedly admitted to police that he lied about the child abduction. In fact, the named son died along with two other children in a car crash back in 2017 with Ronald himself behind the wheels. The fictim's mother in an interview obtained by WMC5 action news, said her son has since been affected by the 2017 tragedy.

The sane motive given for the false reporting is that he wanted police to act quicker on recovering his 2005 Lexus which was a gift from his deceased father. But using the memory of his dead child for this type of fictimhood puts him a level ahead of other fictims in this trend here, here, here, here and here. No excuses

April 28, 2019. fictim Ronald Terry Sanders was charged with a felony count of falsely reporting Child Abduction.

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