Meagan Clark

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Grand Prairie, Texas. Unrapable butch lesbo Meagan Clark reported her rape fantasy to police who then took her seriously expending tax-payer resources to get her "justice".

June 17, 2018. Derranged rape fantasist and butch dyke Meagan Clark, in what appears to be an attempt to prove she too can shit on tax-payers resources with no consequences, reported a fabricated sexual assault to police. Meagan told police that at about 1 a.m., while she was driving in the 4000 East Jefferson, a fake cop in a black SUV with red and blue lights pulled her over, ordered her to the backseat of his car and sexually assaulted her. She further described the assailant as a Hispanic man wearing a tactical-style uniform and carrying a badge.

Even though Meagan Clark's rapability is exaggerated from any reasonable point of view, police launched an investigation, came up with a sketch of a possible suspect and the manhunt was on. Over several weeks detectives exhausted extensive amounts of time and resources attempting to identify a suspect. But eventually police have had enough commonsense to determine that Meagan's claims were fabricated.

August 07, 2018. A 25-year old Meagan Clark was arrested and charged with filing a false report to a police officer, a class B misdemeanor.
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