Amber Lewis

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Millbrook, Elmore County, Alabama. Pussypass benefits include using the Authorities against cheating hubby. That was demonstrated by Amber Lewis who called 911 with a bogus burglary-in-progress claim designed to incriminate Mr. Husband.

April 24, 2019. Morning. Suspecting that her husband was with another woman, Amber Nicole Lewis (AKA Amber Pittman) called the cops reporting an on-going burglary in which she insinuated that her husband was the burglar. Responding officers discovered the accused burglar actually lives in the house.

Beyond the falarmist's (false alarmist's) hopes, police found more than just another woman inside the home with the falsely accused man. There was marijuana, cocaine and other narcotics in various sections of the house, and more disturbing, in the fictim's 5-year-old child's bedroom. No real burglary though. Police believe the call was a stunt orchestrated by Amber Lewis to get revenge on her husband for having an extra affair.

April 27, 2019. 33-year-old Amber Nicole Lewis was arrested and charged with making a false report to law enforcement, second-degree possession of marijuana and chemical endangerment of a child. She was booked at the Elmore County Jail on a $12,500 bond. Watch this space
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