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Alicia Marie Volpe

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Added: May 1, 2019  

Lake Wylie, York County, South Carolina. Another rape liar would have us blame intoxication, after failing to convince the authorities that her consensual sex was worth a rape-cry against the innocent male. "he put some kind of drug in my drink", talk to the hand. And remember how this one here played out

March 15, 2019. cry-rape specialist Alicia Marie Volpe took to police and reported that a known man spiked her drink and raped her while she was unconscious. The accused man had denied the allegations claiming the sex was consensual. But as usual the rape liar was still given the benefit of doubt.

However, after weeks of wasted taxpayer resources on investigation led by a female detective, the fictim's story just did not add up. When confronted with her implausible account of events, Alicia Volpe confessed that her initial report of forced sex was not true. In fact she had consensual sex.

“This suspect filed a police report about an act that did not occur”... “This was a serious accusation that we investigated fully and it turned out to be a false report.”, said a police spokesperson.

April 30, 2019. 27 year-old Alicia Marie Volpe was arrested and charged with felony filing of a false police report. She was booked in York County jail but released the next day after posting a $1,000 bond.

South Carolina State law indicates that wittingly filing a false report of a felony crime is a felony in itself carrying up to five year sentence if convicted. That's in addition to (AND/OR in lieu of) paying restitution for cost of investigation. But why is no rape liar ever jailed? The common politically correct narrative / reasoning is that jailing rape liars will deter genuine victims from "coming forward". That is the same line of reasoning used by the custodian of this recent juvenile sexual assault liar here. And even going as far as to blame an entire system for finding fault in their art of falsehood.

Speaking of excessive entitlements to victimhood, these liars are apparently growing in confidence requiring either a miracle or radical measures to curb. I would say the latter. However, SC lawmakers in their efforts to appease liars and the libtardism agenda alike are busy going the other direction and doing everything short of outright banning heterosexual encounters. Not to say that's not expected. Hold that thought!

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