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Clarksville, Montgomery County, Tennessee. "attacked while jogging" is an increasingly common fictimhood. But this one has a little twist. Rose Pauls was not even jogging at the time she claimed she was robbed. She was somewhere else doing something else.

April 02, 2019. fictim Rose Pauls reported to police that she had been attacked and robbed by a man while she was jogging. Police sent out a safety alert which triggered the whole community.

An investigation lasting several days by Clarksville Detectives with input information from Crimestoppers, determined that Rose Pauls was actually at a bar during the time she claimed she was attacked and robbed. She was not jogging. The fictim had concocted the whole story.

April 30, 2019. 31 year-old Rose Pauls was arrested and charged with falsely reporting a crime. She was booked at the Montgomery County Jail on a $5,000 bond.

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