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Domanique Marie Rezende

Suggested by Pierre Alleur

Added: Apr 15, 2019  

Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan. Carjacking with 'Childjacking' in a mendacious combo report to get police working faster. We saw this many times before, examples here, here and here.

April 13, 2019. According to a report to police by Domanique Marie Rezende, she drove her mother's car to a beauty store in the afternoon, got out of the car with the keys still at the ignition and with the engine still running. A few minutes later, while she was in the store, she noticed the car being driven away. When police responded to the report and arrived the scene, Domanique told them her 4 year-old son was in the car when it was hijacked.

However, police speedy work did not come quicker in finding her car than in discovering that the child she reported abducted was actually safe and sound with his grandmom (her own mom). Due to doubts arising from some details the fictim had given Police, officers decided to visit Domanique's home and made the discovery that the child was never in the car during the reported incident.

Police managed to find the car abandoned by the car theif who is still at large. But police work will not end there. What about the lying fictim?

April 15, 2019. 32 year-old Domanique Marie Rezende was charged with filing a false child abduction report. Her bond was set at $7,500 which speculatively higher than the value of the stolen / recovered car. However, the fictim can be released if she posts ten percent of the bond ($750). Watch this space.

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