Shauna Jones

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Blountville, Sullivan County, Tennessee. Discorrecting the Correctional Officer, the way only pussypass entitlements can. Ex-inmate victim-plays with a false sexual assault allegation against a jail officer. Like many others before her who either accused an arresting officer here or correctional officer here, #SheToo failed!

January 2019. fictim Shauna Jones reported that a correctional officer in Sullivan County Jail sexually assaulted her back in April 2018 while she was an inmate serving time for a probation violation. It is unclear what she was earlier sentenced to probation for, but you can make your own wild guess.

An investigation by the Sullivan County Sheriff's Department was well in its course before the 2nd District Attorney General requested assistance from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. The TBI did its job and later determined that the alleged sexual assault never happened. Ladies and Gentlemen we are dealing with yet another entitled liar with an overestimated pussypass.

May 01, 2019. 30 year-old Shauna Jones of Kingsport was indicted by a grand jury on one count of falsely reporting a crime. She was arrested and booked in the same Sullivan County Jail, on a $10,000 bond.

She can only hope the officer she falsely accused is no longer handling the same responsibilities in that same prison. Otherwise, ______ , you know, that staredown (add a wild west soundtrack to it and fill in the blank space with your thoughts :). However, luckily for the fictim it is highly likely that posting 10% of the bond amount ($1,000) will keep her out of jail and avoid crossing paths with the same correctional officer. Watch this space!
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