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Updated: May 30, 2019  

Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan. Vengeful dogmom Jennell Ross caused a false AMBER Alert in order to get her child's father in trouble. She suffers no consequences by default, The message apparently is: "Keep'em coming forward"

August 05, 2018. In the early hours of the morning. Cunning vengeful hypoagency bodied by Jennell Michelle Ross reported to police that a man, whom she named, took off in her vehicle abducting her 18 month-old daughter in the act. Shortly after the report, officers issued an AMBER Alert at about 3 a.m while launching an investigation into the issue. Later that same morning an extended family member brought the child to the Grand Rapids police station. The AMBER Alert was canceled.

What led to this?

According to Grand Rapids police, Jennell Michelle Ross and the child's father were together in the car late night Aug 04, 2018, against a court's 'no contact' order. They fell into an argument during which they stopped at a gas station. As Jennell Ross went into the gas station, her ex-lover drove a bit away, parked the vehicle not far from the gas station and called other relatives to pick him and the child up. However, Ross was angry about being left at the gas station so she called the police to report her child was missing and she portrayed the alleged criminal as a rather random man.

When he learned about the AMBER Alert, the child's father asked the relative to take the child in because he worried Jennell Ross would be there and he would violate the 'no contact' order.

August, 09, 2018. 27 year-old Jennell Michelle Ross was charged with felony filing a false report of a child abduction that led to the statewide AMBER Alert. If convicted, she would serve a four-year jail term and live the rest of her life as a felon.

But will this fictim be convicted appropriately? I doubt it. Stay tuned for updates

- Update -

April 08, 2019. Kent County Circuit Court. Jennell Michelle Ross pleaded guilty to false reporting of child abduction. As part of her plea deal with prosecutors, she will only pay $3,600 in restitution and avoid real jail time. We look forward to her sentencing on or after May 30, 2019.

Nothing much to see here folks, as we all know this one is almost off the hook.

- Update -

May 30, 2019. A judge ordered Jennell Ross to reimburse Grand Rapids police more than $3,600 for resources expended on her false report of child abduction. That's all the punishment she gets for wasting police time. No punishment for trying to incriminate an innocent man. No consequences for using and abusing an innocent child in those evil efforts. This is Michigan

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