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Jamie Lynne Shaffer

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Added: May 7, 2019  

Oil City, Venango County, Pennsylvania. Woman tries to incrimate another woman with a false shooting victimhood report. She doesn't get very far before her lies are revealed by new video evidence.

April 10, 2019. Cry-wolf Jamie Lynne Shaffer reported to a detective that a female pulled out a handgun and fired a round at her, in a residence. Charges were filed against the other female while Jamie's allegations were investigated.

In the course of that investigation, multiple interviews were conducted with potential witnesses, particularly with one whom was acquainted with both the accuser and the accused. The female witness said the reported incident never occurred. She also said she had spoken with Jamie Shaffer who denied making the statements to police. The witness provided police with video + audio recording of her conversation with the fictim, as exculpatory evidence.

May 01, 2019. Based on the new evidence, charges filed against the accused female were withdrawn.

May 06, 2019. One count of second-degree misdemeanor False Reporting to Falsely Incriminate Another was filed against 40 year-old Jamie Lynne Shaffer. A warrant was issued for her arrest. Watch this space.

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