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Updated: Oct 21, 2019  

Upland, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Bored new wife's hypoagency maliciously targets another female with a false sexual assault allegation, just to arouse attention to her boredom. Female vs Female Fictimhood is not a new trend, as listed here, but the meager reasoning behind this one is near mind-blowing.

April 20, 2019. fictim Shian Skylar Mengini walked into the Upland police Department where her new husband worked part-time, and reported having been sexually assaulted by a female she met online. Following the report, she was taken to a Medical Center for an examination. There, she detailed her alleged non-consensual encounter claiming that the accused woman came to her home and began kissing her. She first tried to get away from the woman by locking herself in a bathroom and telling the woman she was married. But when Shian Mengini unlocked the bathroom door, the woman entered, undressed her, touched her inappropriately and even followed her into her bedroom. Eventually, Shian had a chance to run out of the house, at which point she took to the police department to report the alleged sexual assault. As the investigation began, Upland police officers and colleagues of the fictim's husband recused themselves from the investigation.

April 25, 2019. The new husband of the fictim (false victim) suddenly resigned from his position in the Upland Police Department. This happened just a few hours after a chat with county detectives involved in the investigation, in which he relayed information from Shian Mengini that the alleged female perpetrator's husband was threatening her via text messages. Further investigation however determined the report was false and the entire experience between the two females was consensual.

County detectives again interviewed Shian Mengini who confessed that the sexual encounter with the other woman was consensual, and that she made the false report because she was “mad at her husband” and “had nothing to occupy her time” as she had no friends in the area. Furthermore, she had used spoofed numbers to send the threatening messages to herself and then claimed they were sent from the accused woman's husband.

There you have it. The three-month-old marriage was apparently not so lively for the fictim and so she decided to blow it up in bizarre proportions, driven simply by boredom and lesbianic fantasies of sorts. Of course, making a false police report to get someone else in trouble, cause your husband to lose his job while police time and taxpayer resources are wasted on unnecessary investigations, is truly more interesting than reading a book. And someone said we should believe women and take them seriously in these situations, despite innate deceptive tendencies. No thanks, we've seen that before, and we know exactly what happens when we do.

May 08, 2019. 18-year-old Shian Skylar Mengini was arrested on a charge of filing a false report, which is a second-degree misdemeanor in PA. She was released on $15,000 unsecured bail. According to court documents, her preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 16, 2019.

May 09, 2019. The District Attorney of Delaware County in a statement described the fictim's action as "criminal and inexcusable". Let's all wonder if he would have condemned this fictimhood with the same strong words had the falsely accused been male. The other feminoidly-wired braindead dorks running this country could and should follow Alabama's example here for a glimmer of hope.

-- Update --

October 21, 2019. Media Courthouse. After having entered a negotiated guilty plea to the second-degree misdemeanor charge against her, Shian Skylar Mengini was granted two-year probation with loose conditions. That's as lenient as it gets.

Whatever they do to your brain, don't let them rob you of your commonsense. The truth is there are more liars in this world than victims.

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