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Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. What do you know! Before the Stormy Daniels' drama emerged full-swing, there was another fictim lurking in false misconduct accusations of sorts against the arresting officer.

Your best guess in sniffing out which category of fictimhood Ashley belongs will determine your desperately needed intellectual superpowers for our future of abundant victim-playing. So the story goes that Ashley L. Ward claimed she was a victim of "sexual misconduct" by the officer who later arrested Stephanie Clifford (AKA Stormy Daniels) for "fondling" patrons and police officers in violation of Ohio strip club law.

Ashley Ward specifically accused the officer of having sex with her in exchange for not arresting her back in July 2016. That allegation was one of several reasons that caused the officer to be suspended from duty. But the accusation was later proven via an audio recording to be false.

May 07, 2019. 32 year-old Ashley L. Ward was arraigned on a charge of false reporting filed against her back in July 2018. She pleaded not guilty. No more information on this story but we will update as it comes.

So Ashley Ward comes forward as a victim. A victim of what exactly? A victim of consensual sex with an officer. What we don't know is: who initiated the offer of sex for freedom? Was it Ashley? or the arresting officer? You can make your best guess. Though, even the consensual sex is only just an allegation and we have not been able to obtain the audio recording in question to hear what exactly it is about. This is that type of story to which the deeper you go, the more fishy it gets. You can call it "politics". Watch this space
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