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Edrick McCroey

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Added: May 12, 2019  

Oakland, Alameda County, California. Irresponsible father uses his own three year-old child to double-down his carjacking victimhood. Fake childjacking report is a growing trend in the US as you can see here. But fortunately, most of them do not go as far as triggering fake AMBERT Alert exposing the child's identity to the public. Which makes Edrick McCroey a convincing liar.

May 11, 2019. Just after 8:00 pm. fictim Edrick L. McCroey told police that his 2005 Mercedes Benz was hijacked while his daughter was buckled into a car seat in the back. Based on the reported crime, Oakland Police sent out bulletins including the photo of the child, to surrounding law enforcement agencies. A statewide AMBER Alert was issued for the supposedly missing child.

About three hours later, police managed to track down the missing vehicle and gave chase to the suspect who tried to drive away but incidentally crashed in an intersection. Alright! car recovered in bad shape, suspect arrested, but no child was found in the car. In fact, no child seat at the back.

Meanwhile, the news having spread on social media got to family members who contacted the child's mother about the AMBER Alert. The child's mother confirmed that the child was with her and safe. The new information was relayed to police. About two hours after finding the stolen car, police made contact with the mother to confirm that the child was in fact safely with mom. The AMBER Alert was cancelled.

May 12, 2019. 26 year-old Edrick L. McCroey was arrested on charges of creating false alarm. No word on bail or bond.

Look at this situation again. Had this fictim not lied about the child abduction, probably police may not have been so quick in finding his car. If they were not in such a haste, they would not have given chase to the carjacker. If they didn't give the chase, the car which the fictim seems to love more than his own daughter probably wouldn't have crashed. And if the fictim had not lied about the incident, he would not have been arrested. That must have been one bad night for Edrick. But what goes around comes around

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