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Courvoisier McDaniel

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Added: May 12, 2019  

El Dorado, Union County, Arkansas. The Art of Swatting, someone with a creative name took the art to heart with extra evil creativity. Man-hating dyke, Courvoisier McDaniel, impersonated another female on a 911 call, reported a known male as an aggressive intruder in hopes that police will go kill him. It almost worked.

May 11, 2019. At 3:15 a.m. El Dorado Police Department dispatched armed officers to The Vineyards apartment complex at Beverly Drive, in response to a report of a male intruder at a residence. The female 911 caller identified herself as another female living in the residence, provided the full name of the male intruder and described him as "drunk and aggressive".

With that in mind, police showed up at a couple of apartments in the complex and forcefully entered one to control a situation which did not exist. Police later described their "forceful entry" motive as "safety concerns". However, during investigation, police later learned that the reported male intruder was actually already incarcerated and serving a six-year sentence on another / an unrelated case.

So this falarmist / swatter Courvoisier McDaniel, with a healthy history of violence, seemingly chose between several options to destroy the other residence. Go pour gasoline and burn the place down? No. Hire mercenaries to go shoot up the place? No. More conveniently, get the gynocentric police to go break in and shoot the male if they have the slightest excuse, YES. The last option happens within the provision of the law. And if it fails, attracts very little or no consequence to the female swatter.

May 11, 2019. 29 year-old Courvoisier S. McDaniel was arrested on a felony charge of communicating a false alarm. It is highly unlikely that she will serve any prison sentence for this particular crime. Because there are many politically correct excuses to get her off the hook. We're keeping an eye on this one. Watch this space

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