Anastasia Durrenberg

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Added: May 14, 2019  

Gaylord, Otsego County, Michigan. Teen-built malicious hypoagency launches itself against another female, with a fake report of unauthorized card use. False accuser busted.

March 11, 2019. fictim Anastasia Durrenberg called troopers and reported that a named female over double her age had fraudulently used her card on an ATM. Investigation led troopers to review CCTV footage of the said ATM but found Anastasia's claim to be false.

May 01, 2019. 19 year-old Anastasia Durrenberg was arrested, charged with false report of a felony. She was arraigned in court on those charges almost two weeks later, on May 13, 2019.

For the people who said false accusation is not a problem, because they thought only het men would be affected by female empowerment to perpetuate deception. This growing trend here of females falsely accusing females proves them wrong.

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