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Columbia, Boone County, Missouri. Psycho dude Rex Monroe reported fake strong arm robbery incident to police in order to excuse himself from a "drug deal gone bad".

July 17, 2018. Psycho chucklehead Rex Monroe called Missouri University Police and falsely told officers that two black men wearing red clothes in their late teens or early 20s assaulted him with punches and a baseball bat. He alleged they also stole his cell phone and $300 in cash. Monroe claimed one of the black men had dreadlocks while the other was bald and they were last seen going east on Hospital Drive in a two-door, silver car.

According to police, however, during an interview Monroe began making conflicting statements about the timeline and other elements of the alleged incident. He eventually stated he was involved in a "drug deal gone wrong". Officers also discovered his phone was with his girl-friend, contrary to his report. Police later obtained surveillance video from the Veteran Affairs Hospital parking lot showing Monroe hitting himself in the face with a closed fist about six times.

So this Rex Monroe literally beat himself up and then called police to report himself as the victim of others. Does this sound familiar? smells like what some pussy-pass ordained Fictims of domestic violence do. But that's another topic all together.

August 09, 2018. Boone County prosecutors charged 28-year-old Rex Monroe with a single count of misdemeanor making a false report. He posted $500 bond. A trial date is pending.

Rex Monroe was also charged with felony stealing after he allegedly stole a purse on July 29 with narcotics, cash, identity card and a cellphone inside.

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