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Largo, Pinellas County, Florida. The one who describes herself as a Lupus Warrior actually carries death in her own tongue. How is that for a hypocrite? After making false rape allegations that led to a man's death, Brittany Sorey paid only $150 to walk.

In order to understand this fictimhood (fake victimhood), let's start from December 30, 2018, when Brittany Ann Marie Sorey went on Facebook to beg for money. Specifically $6,500. In the post, she claims to be a good mom sharing custody with her ex-husband. She claims to be a hardworking and caring person who is about to start a new job. She claims she does not have a vehicle anymore and that the money would be used to purchase a "reliable van or sub" to help her see her kids. However, for months the campaign netted $0.

With the financial condition of Brittany Sorey deteriorating, she got progressively indebted and frustrated to a point where she got in a heated altercation with her husband in March 2019, which she reported to police as violence against herself. That report resulted in Mr. Husband facing felony charges which Brittany eventually dropped at will. With that empowering experience, Brittany Sorey, who among other things described herself on Facebook as a "Lupus Warrior", tasted how easy and effective it was to play the female victimhood card of deception. Now, with that in mind, you're ready for this story...

April 17, 2019. fictim Brittany Annmarie Sorey took to the authorities yet again, this time claiming that an unknown Hispanic man forcefully broke into her residence and sexually “battered” her, “vaginally penetrated” her “with a broken broom handle and a box cutter.” Brittany reiterated the same allegation when interviewed by detectives assigned to the case, TSG reports. While the claim was being investigated, Brittany Sorey was preparing to move out of the house where she claimed she had been raped.

April 20, 2019. Armed with new rape fictimhood, Brittany Sorey made a social media post appealing for support in her acclaimed fundraiser for the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence. That post also fetched $0. A few days later, she moves out with her husband from her Largo apartment letting a male friend move in.

May 10, 2019. Apparently unaware that the couple had moved out, A male neighbor who was owed by Brittany showed up “beating on the front door” to “confront” Brittany and her husband over the "money issues". With the persistent door-banging, Brittany Sorey’s friend occupying the apartment called her to advise about the disturbance. Brittany then responded that the person knocking at the door sounded like the same man who sexually battered her a month ago. #MaliciousHypoagency.

The pussy-serving male friend then came out of the apartment allegedly in an attempt to take a photo of the accused male to send to cops. That led to a confrontation and scuffle between the two men, during which the owed neighbor was stabbed to death by Brittany's friend. According to court documents, the act was in self-defense. It was only after the neighbor was killed that Brittany Sorey confessed to police that she concocted the entire report of sexual battery and that it never happened. #RapeHoax

May 17, 2019. 30-year-old Brittany Annmarie Sorey was arrested on a single misdemeanor charge of falsely reporting a crime. She was booked in Pinellas County Jail but released the next night after posting a $150 bond which is 10 percent of the original amount.

Let's take another look at this ploy by Brittany Sorey. She unsuccessfully tried to raise funds online, owed a neighbor, reported a false rape to garner new fake victimhood in her fraudulent quest to scam sympathizers of sexual assault survivors for online donations. As that too didn't work, she tried to cover-up her true motive for moving out of the area. It is plausible that she expected that her owed neighbor would come banging that door at some point. So she puts a pussy-defending watch-dog in her apartment for such eventualities. Anyone with a shred of common sense knows that a stranger who violently raped a woman would be either highly unlikely or mentally ill to come banging on the same door where he committed the "unforgivable" crime. That would be the red flag for any rational thinker who would care to analyze Brittany's claims realistically before acting upon them. But not the idiot of a "friend" who went to confront the owed neighbor, and not the Authorities.

And letting the lying fictim (fake victim) off on dinner-price bond is absurd, to say the least. What about the man who has died as a result of Brittany's mendacious claims? is there any remedy for that? What about the male idiots (AKA pussy-defenders) who think and act on malicious female hypoagency? Should they still be ignorantly regarded as "heros"? or should they bear the brunt of the consequences for doing the evil cunt's work? Just last week we saw an innocent 62-year-old Native American man killed by a male teen here just because his sister falsely claimed the man had sexually assaulted her in a bus. What is the value of men in this false rape society? Hold that thought

If there is a silver lining in this story, it has to be that members of our society are finally waking up to the BS behind the #BelieveTheVictim / #BelieveTheWomen / #StartByBelieving mendacious campaigns. That is evident in the reaction to this fictim which is surprisingly as rebuking as it should be. A glimmer of sanity after all.

Strong words. Compare this reaction to the one we had a year ago for the other liar here. But then, there are other distinctive factors which members of our society cannot seem to ignore when commenting on these liars. Shame on fictims

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