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Sheffield City, South Yorkshire, England. A night out with an extra male ended in the pleasure of coitus as usual, for unfaithful wife. She even stretched to two or more consensual encounters, after which, the empowered feminoid decided to retrospectively withdraw consent and call it rape. Well done Ms. Weldon

This is one in many cry-wolf instances where heterosexuality has been systematically made scary for men, to pave way for whatever their libtarded agenda is.

April 03, 2017. After taking an overdose, Margaret Weldon (AKA Maggie Weldon) was being taken to a hospital when she consciously told paramedics and her husband that she had been raped. While the fictim was in hospital, a medical staff informed South Yorkshire Police of the allegation. A few minutes later, officers arrived the hospital and interviewed Margaret Weldon who told them she had been violently raped on the street.

The report was taken for investigation but the next day the fictim told police she had not been entirely truthful, and that she had actually been raped by a man whom she helped with a lift. She said a man had followed her to her car, she had helped him with a lift, but when they got to his house he had raped her in his bed. This sudden change of story would have been the red flag in a common sense world. But this is the western world where police are trained to be "trauma-focused" when handling "sensitive" fake victims like Margaret Weldon. And so her second lie was accepted without question.

Meanwhile, the accused male was detained, interrogated and kept in police custody for over five hours on a false accusation that he was not allowed to challenge. Maggie even reiterated her claims against him on police camera where she said she had been trying to contact the male perpetrator with a view to “stabbing him for what he had done.” This claim was a proactive move for if the investigation revealed that she had been repeatedly trying to contact the accused for more sex.

So, What actually happened between the accused male and Margaret Weldon?
CCTV footage and witness account from the Investigation reveals:

April 01, 2017. Night. The two met at a bar in Sheffield city centre and left together to West Street pub, Maida Vale. Camera footage from the area show them hugging and kissing. Around 3am, the pair left the area with the accused inviting Margaret Weldon back to his home. She not only accepted but she said she had a car and would drive them there. One Night Stand though it may be. But they stretched to a few more rounds

April 02, 2017. 7:00am. Margaret Weldon reportedly left the male's house. The pair kept in touch and through message exchanges she returned to his home that night for more consensual sex, again they did. Two Night Stand, some call it. But this time it wasn’t easy to get rid of Maggie. She wouldn't leave. The accused male, in an attempt to get Maggie out of his house, made excuses that he had to go and meet his son. That worked! but temporarily. After the final romantic experience, Margaret Weldon, whose husband was apparently not enough of a cockbearer for her, persistently tried to reach the accused male on phone. He ignored her calls but text messaged her to jilt her nicely. He told Margaret that he had issues with his ex and had no interest in seeing Margaret again. That was an unacceptable bombshell for Maggie Weldon. And so she played the female card of rape on April 03, 2017, causing irreparable damage to the accused male.

In the course of the investigation, police also interviewed neighbors of the accused male, one of who said he saw the accused male come home with Margaret Weldon, and while they were inside the house he heard pleasurable female moaning of sorts.

Upon all these evidences, it still took feminist police over four months to finally release the accused male from the investigation and focus on the real criminal, the lying Maggie.

May 13, 2019. Sheffield Crown Court. 43 year-old fictim Margaret Weldon who earlier pleaded guilty was arraigned for sentencing. Her defense attorney, as expected, cited her motherhood, health problems and personality disorder as excuses for her evil, arguing that she shouldn't be sent to prison. But..

“You have let all women down and attacked the fabric of justice in our country,” Sheffield’s top judge told Margaret Weldon. “The consequences of this crime have been, in many respects, devastating for your victim. He now suffers from depression, and there have been life-changing consequences,” he added.

This time we're not going to call out those wig-wearing feminoid-serving dorks for what they are, because at least this time they allegedly sent the false accuser to jail, for two and a half years.

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