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Raven Nicole Collins

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Added: May 24, 2019  

Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas. Who let the Ravens out? The criminal who overstretched her female privilege by making false rape claims against a correctional officer said she did in order to get out of jail. However, her deception sent her right back in.

November 2017. While in jail for Shoplifting, Raven Nicole Collins (AKA Raven McGuire, Raven Baxter) decided to add fictimhood (false victimhood) to her lengthy criminal profile. She filed a report claiming she had been raped by a jail officer. The report is graphically detailed that the sergeant took her from her cell to a small room where he tried to coerce her into performing oral sex. She claimed the man made threats of beating her if she refused, then forced himself on her. As she allegedly struggled to resist the man, she bit him and he made good of his threats battering her into unconsciousness.

The female has spoken, time for tax-payer resources to be expended. Police and jail officials watched four days (96 hours long) of jail security video footage but found nothing suggesting any truth to Raven Collins's allegation. Officers ultimately determined that the alleged incident did not occur. Beyond that, the fictim was never removed from her cell by anyone matching the description of the sergeant she provided investigators.

While re-interviewed and confronted with the findings, Raven Collins activated a secondary pussypass by claiming she has bipolar disorder and schizophrenia which could have caused her to hallucinate the reported experience. Of course, she's well aware of the fake Trauma-Focused rape investigation methods forced on law enforcement by America's powerfully progressive Libtardism. However, further in the same interview, Raven confessed to lying about the rape so that her mother would bail her out of jail. It worked, as court documents show she was bailed out of jail two days after making the false rape allegations.

Pussypass Denied. Arkansas State doctors found that Raven Collins was not mentally ill, according to a mental evaluation report in her court file. She may have run out of excuses to avoid what's coming but at least one pussypass was granted for her: A reduced charge from robbery to breaking-or-entering. The charges stem from years ago after she stole hair from the American Beauty Supply store and threatened the owner with a stun gun. Raven Collins also has a prior theft conviction for stealing $1,800 worth of gift cards from the Little Rock Best Buy while she worked at the store.

May 23, 2019. After having pleaded guilty to charges of filing a false report with law enforcement, breaking-or-entering and failure to appear, 27 year-old Raven Nicole Collins from Jacksonville was sentenced to five years in prison.

Note: Raven Collins was not sentenced to 5 years in prison for the rape hoax, unlike some reports suggested. That would have been highly unlikely in pussified North America. The fictim was rather sentenced to 5 years mainly for her other crimes.

We have covered some who rape-lie against arresting officers here, and jail officers here. But the reason why this one is bizarre is bedimmed. Be it her overstated rapability, investigators spending so many resources on the word of a certified fibster, or the very woefully failed mental disorder excuse. Whatever it may be, it looks like we'll not be seeing Raven Nicole Collins for a while. One less rape-liar from society is a breath of fresh air. Watch this space.

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