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Added: May 31, 2019  

Boise, Ada County, Idaho. Another rape fantasist takes to cops with a common parking-lot hoax. Kidnap and Sexual Assault, yeah right! Meet the latest fictim (fake victim) and empowered fibster: Patricia White.

May 01, 2019. fictim Patricia Crosby-White told police that at 7:35 pm while she was in her car at a parking lot, an unknown man approached, forced himself in the vehicle and ordered her to drive to an isolated location within Ada County where he sexually assaulted her.

Police quickly released a photo of the suspect and soon located him. However, during the course of the investigation, detectives obtained evidence contrary to what Patricia White claimed. Surveillance video from the parking lot, witness interviews, social media posts, and chats, and other electronic pieces of evidence showed that the two were acquainted with each other and had scheduled to meet at the same location where the incident was alleged to have happened. However, the reported abduction and/or sexual assault never occurred.

May 03, 2019. Having reviewed the police report with pieces of evidence, Ada County prosecutors miraculously declined to file charges against the accused man. The focus of the investigation at this point turned to the lying fictim.

May 30, 2019. 25 year-old Patricia Crosby-White was charged with one misdemeanor count of filing a false police report. We all know, whatever is next for this fictim, it is not jail. Watch this space

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