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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Making a Monster of a Good Samaritan. A man who helped a landwhale cunt fix her car got rewarded with a false sexual assault accusation AND maximum-security prison time because she "was afraid to get into trouble", "Just wanted him to go to jail", among other unlinkable "reasons" by the fibster. This story is about the cunt fibster.

November 22, 2018. Liverpool. Sexually unappealing in every way imaginable to man, but desperate to MeToo herself seemingly for fuckability attention of sorts, Caitlyn Gray told police that a man had allegedly propositioned her for sex in return for his help before stalking her and later indecently assaulting her at another place.

Some background information to the actual incident is that Caitlyn Gray crashed her car and damaged her radiator, then she pulled over at a Sydney BP. While she struggled to fix something below the bonnet, a man stopped-by and offered to help.

He spent over 2 hours fixing the car, after which lying cunt Caitlyn Gray in a what-would-I-do-without-you mood gave him a hug. Then the man told her he would drive behind her for a distance in case the faulty car part happened again. And so he did. But there were no more issues afterwards. No issues besides the ordeal Caitlyn Gray herself concocted.

In detail, Caitlyn Gray's allegation to police goes that after the man fixed her car, he offered to follow her but she declined. Then the man allegedly said she “owed” him a hug for the favour. The man then further asked for oral sex or a hand job. Again she claimed she refused. After she drove away, the man allegedly followed her against her will before her car overheated and she had to pull-over once again and lifted her car bonnet.

This, she alleged, happened on Milperra Road in Liverpool. There was her stalker again. She got back in her car to avoid him but he came knocking the driver’s seat window saying “Come on, come on. Let’s go. What have I done wrong?” Caitlyn Gray alleged that when she refused his advances, the man forced himself in the driver's seat and grabbed her boobs and her pussy. Then she managed to escape and immediately called her boyfriend who then called the cops.

Following the call, Liverpool Police found a seemingly distressed Caitlyn Gray and took her to the local police station. There, She provided a detailed statement of entire "ordeal" and signed it.

November 23, 2018. The accused man was arrested as a "predator", charged with two counts of indecency, one count of incite person over the age of 16 to commit an act of indecency and one count of stalking and intimidating with intent to cause fear or physical harm. He was thrown in Silverwater maximum-security prison and refused bail. He lost his reputation, job and marriage. He also was looking to do real time, according to Aussie police who initially refused to investigate anything. For them, a woman's word was enough evidence to throw a man in jail on a slew of unproven charges.

Mounting pressure from the accused man's attorney caused police to reluctantly do their job of investigating the claims. Detectives interviewed potential witnesses in the area where the abuse was alleged to have happened, but no one had seen anything out of the ordinary.

November 28, 2018. While the accused man was locked up, police met with Caitlyn Gray once again and, on a video interview, she took nothing out of her initial graphic report. She reiterated with confidence on camera that she was indeed sexually assaulted by the accused man. According to court documents, it was on Milperra Road where Caitlyn Gray claimed she had been groped and where the male had tried to force himself into her car. However, security footage painstakingly obtained by police from the area, showed no such encounter.

"A woman cannot lie". Indeed.

According to a report, When police realised that existing CCTV footage did not backup the fictim's claim, detectives reached out to Caitlyn on phone: “Did the incident where the male grabbed your breast and vagina occur?” an investigator asked. “Yes, I have no reason to lie,” Caitlyn Gray responded. The investigator repeated the same question. “Yes I’m not lying. I have no reason to lie. He did grab me,” she replied.

Police asked Caitlyn if she possibly mixed the streets up — considering the lack of security footage to backup her the entire Milperra Road story. Again she was asked if she was certain of that section of the road.

“I think so. It could have been somewhere else. I’m not lying. It happened. I have no reason to lie. I was yelling telling my boyfriend. I’m not lying,” Caitlyn responded.

November 29, 2018. Bankstown Police Station. At the request of investigators, Caitlyn showed up. This time, face to face, investigators asked Caitlyn again if she was sure of her story, telling her it's OK if she had lied. Caitlyn again reiterated: “I haven’t lied. It’s the truth.”

An investigator then pushed: “Are you sure because a male is sitting in jail right now as a result of your allegations that he touched your breast and grabbed your vagina. Are you lying?”.

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, the fibster cunt cracked: [b]“Yes,”[/b] (it was a lie) Caitlyn responded. When asked why she lied, Caitlyn Gray said she “just wanted him (the Good Samaritan) to go to jail”. “He shouldn’t have said that to me. He was disgusting.” added Caitlyn. In yet another version of why she lied, Caitlyn Gray said she “didn’t want to get into trouble”. If they had deep reasoning abilities, the detectives at this point probably realised they fell for a feminist campaign which deifies women as trauma-stricken truth tellers at the expense of sensible due process.

Caitlyn Gray's lies were passed on up the legal ranks in an attempt to bail out the falsely accused Good Samaritan. It took a few days of paper work and legal procedures to finally get him out. But behold the poor innocent man was still NOT off the hook.

May 06, 2019. Bankstown Local Court. After six long months, the charges against the Good Samaritan were thrown out of court, following a careful consideration of evicences by the judge. His attorney remained working to expunge the charges altogether.

May 15, 2019. Now 20 year-old Caitlyn Gray pleaded guilty to making up the entire reported "ordeal". She is expected to be sentenced on June 25 after her attorney obtains a psychological report. We all know what to expect here, you can almost imagine all roads leading to court with huge signs reading "pussypass at work"

In an Interview with 7News, the accused man who lost everything hinted on his intention to sue Caitlyn Gray and also demanded that police refund his expenses on legal services. Rightly so, the man has been a lifeline for his pensioner mother whom he could no longer help, following the false accusation.

What's worse? according to court documents, Investigators said if it wasn't for their efforts in identifying and viewing the CCTV footage which clearly depicts "the lies by Gray", that there would have been a strong likelihood that the accused man would have remained bail refused until the completion of this matter as well as the strong likelihood that he would have been convicted and faced a term of imprisonment as a result of his conviction.

Now, remember the investigation was carried out only as a result of pressure from the accused man's attorney. So shall we say the police is gynocentrically biased? or sheerly incompetent? Hold that thought

As for the Good Samaritan who was made a monster of, he may have been suffering from a disease called "pussy-servitude" by helping such a random feminoid and flirting with her, but by no means a "predator". Good luck with telling that to common sense people in feminism-stricken 'Land of the Aussies' ... for there is no return from epic gynocentrism

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